The Catalytic Philanthropy Podcast

Caroline Wertz — How Focusing Deeply Transformed a Foundation, Leading to Systems-Level Work

February 2, 2022

What opportunities emerge when a foundation focuses more deeply? Caroline Wertz of the Scheidel Foundation shares how she spent more time with a smaller number of grantee partners, and engaged them in conversations. Deep listening allowed Caroline to understand challenges that were common to several organizations working in the same field, and identify gaps. This opened the door to opportunities for collective impact, and systems-level change. The journey all started with focusing.



Caroline Wertz is Senior Director of Programs at the Scheidel Foundation, which supports college success for underrepresented students, and advances the field of integrative cancer care. In her prior positions, she focused on providing capacity building, leadership coaching, and training to help community-based nonprofits become more effective and sustainable.

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