The Catalytic Philanthropy Podcast

Doug Bauer — See the Big Picture, Become a Player in Your State

August 9, 2021

Catalytic funders work to understand the ecosystem of their issue or community. They find out what grantees need to perform well and be strong and sustainable. Doug Bauer talks about how listening also allows him to understand the relationship between the nonprofit and public sectors in New York State, and how engaging with diverse organizations connects him to this big ecosystem. By engaging constantly with other funders and networks, Doug becomes an active participant in the policy landscape, and empowers his foundation to play a role in making sure billions of dollars in state and federal money is spent in ways that are accountable to people in the community.



Bio: Doug is the Executive Director The Clark, Scriven and Fernleigh Foundations in New York. Doug has more than 20 years of experience in the field of philanthropy and currently serves three foundations. The Clark Foundation focuses on helping individuals to lead independent and productive lives and supports nonprofits and programs in New York City and Cooperstown, NY. Doug is also executive director of The Scriven and Fernleigh Foundations.

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