The Catalytic Philanthropy Podcast

Henry Rael — How a Small, Place-Based Foundation Was Instrumental in Catalyzing Investment in Native American Communities, in Ways Determined by the Communities Themselves Part 2

June 22, 2022

What impact can result when a funder collaborative engages deeper and deeper with nonprofits, and keeps challenging how it does philanthropy? The journey of a collaborative catalyzed by the McCune Foundation, a small foundation in New Mexico, led to the design of a platform enabling a wide variety of private and public funders to build capacity and leadership in Native American communities, in ways prioritized by tribal leaders and community members. Henry Rael of the McCune Foundation shares how the platform structure also builds capacity of Native American-led groups to apply for millions of Federal dollars, and to direct these funds in ways determined by the communities themselves.  


Henry Rael, Director of Strategy and Initiatives at the McCune Foundation in New Mexico, has 20 years of experience with innovative enterprise design and development across for-profit and nonprofit sectors. Notable projects include a start-up Bluetooth semiconductor company, a cooperative of small farms, a communications firm serving nonprofits, and several collaborative funding structures.

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