The Catalytic Philanthropy Podcast

Lindsey Stammerjohn — From Supporting Programs to Building Organizations Part 1: Making the Case to Our Board

December 23, 2021

The John Gogian Foundation began its philanthropy by supporting individuals and families. As staff learned about challenges facing grantee partners and the field, it shifted its entire approach. Hear how listening deeply to nonprofit partners transformed the way a foundation worked - from supporting programs to strengthening organizations.



Lindsey Stammerjohn served as executive director of the John Gogian Family Foundation, where she developed deep, long-term relationships with leaders of partner organizations. For a dozen years, Lindsey provided training and capacity building to the foundation’s key partners, convened them and built a networked community, and encouraged peer learning and mutual support. Ultimately, Lindsey and the foundation strengthened their partners’ long-term sustainability. Lindsey retired in the fall of 2021; the relationships and trust she nurtured is a legacy that will endure for many years. Exponent is deeply grateful to Lindsey for serving as a teacher, guide, and mentor to many philanthropic leaders around the country.

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